Vi værdsætter vores avlshopper, der gang på gang giver os kvalitetsføl!

Rocholls Shoshone Dream - AMHA hoppe Rocholls Shoshone Dream

Boones Little Andy X Jandts Bon To Bee




Rio Red Shooters Polka Dot Rio Red Shooters Polka Dot - AMHA hoppe

Samis Sling Shot X Ultra Golden Charm


Blue Ribbon Baydacious - AMHA hoppe Blue Ribbon Baydacious

Blue Ribbon Mr Bodacious X Dandys Rising Stars Mistys Kate



Rio Red Scouts Lickety SplitRio Red Scouts Lickety Split - AMHA-hoppe

Fallen Ash Farms Scout Out Loud X ERL Apaches Silhouette


Teglmosens Sling Shot Shoshone - AMHA hoppe Teglmosens Sling Shot Shoshone

Samis Sling Shot X Rocholls Shoshone Dreams



Teglmosens Top Buck Polka Teglmosens Top Buck Polka - AMHA hoppe

MH Tuffs Top Buck X Rio Red Shooters Polka Dot



Olive Branchs Puttin On The Ritz - AMHA hoppe Olive Branchs Puttin On The Ritz

Mini Bits Encores Special Delivery X Grahams Nellie Mae



Humhills Showin Up A Storm Humhills Showin Up A Storm - AMHA hoppe

Reece's Thunderstorm X Olive Branch Puttin On The Ritz



Teglmosens Shyanne West - AMHA hoppeTeglmosens Shyanne West ~SOLGT~

Westwind Farms Bordeaux By Attitude X Rocholls Shoshone Dream



Teglmosens Ezabella Time~SOLGT~Teglmosens Ezabella Time - DMHF hoppe

Germels Timothy X Teglmosens Eloise Glory


Teglmosens Papaya Whiz - AMHA hoppe Teglmosens Papaya Whiz

Blue Ribbon Black Velvet G Whiz X Rio Red Shooters Polka Dot



Teglmosens Eloise Glory 

Polly X Elsje V. D. Wilpsedijk


Cohns Dolly Eagle

Lucky Four Look Of Eagles X Rivers Edge Dancing Doll



ML Superstars Sugar Baby 

Lucky Four Sugar Boys Superstar X ML Silverados China Doll


Teglmosens Penelope Whiz

Blue Ribbon Black Velvet G Whiz X Rio Reds Shooters Polka Dot