About Us

We are a married couple living in Kibæk 12 km south of Herning. In September 1977 we moved to this farm. We have 3 children, that have their own families today. Our youngest daughter has always loved horses and in 1992 she bought a little black Shetland mare. This was the first pony on the farm. Soon after more horses followed. 
We got hooked on the horses and decided to buy a couple of small ponies - and preferably as small as possible. These was ponies without any known pedigrees. In 1997 we changed our minds and wanted to have ponies with pedigrees. At this point Shetland ponies was what came closest to our wishes. 
During a visit at a Shetland pony breeding farm we were told about a newly started miniature horse association in Denmark - DMHF. We managed to get a mare and a stallion ready for the first licensing/breeding approval test in the association in 1997. Both horses did quite good - and at this experience we lost our hearts to the Miniature Horse and have NEVER regretted our choise.

We continued our seach for Miniature Horses in Sweden and Holland - were we bought spotted ponies.

Next step was the US. In 2005 we were ready to our first trip to the USA. In the state of Texas a huge show in held every year for the Miniature Horses - more than 1000 of the best Miniature Horses from all over the USA participate. This trip was an eye opener - here was just what we had looked for in the past years. The entire show is 9 days - from early morning til late at night.

After the show we drove around Texas and visited Miniature Horse farms. On our first trip we bought 3 Miniature Horses - and since then we have experienced the World Show in Fort Worth 4 times and is still as impressed with the many beautiful horses.

At the Danish Miniature Horse Association's breeding licensing/approval test we participate every year as well as at the youngster show held in August. We participate at county fairs as often af possible - and bring horses to the MHCE-show in Denmark. Once a year we show in other European countries. 
We are a part of the Danish Miniature Horse Association's Show Team - that do a lot of work to promote the Miniature Horse in Denmark, this work includes participating in parades, at county fairs, and other places where people with interest in horses are gathered. We show what Miniature Horses can be used for - usually the Show Team consist of a lot of driving horses.

All this is only possible for us with the help of 2 talented "school girls" who train our horses.
It is our hope that we can continue like this for many years to come - because it brings us a lot of happiness every day to take care of our horses. This has become a way of living for the both of us.

Kind Regards
Anna & Henning

AMHA European Championship Show

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